Wildlife Management Area

Percy Priest Lake

The Corps of Engineers property around Percy Priest Lake forms the Wildlife Management Area (WMA). The first unit of the WMA is located in LaVergne near Poole Knobs Recreation Area.

There is no checking station at the WMA. In addition to having the standard state hunting license, those hunting in the area must have the WMA hunting permit. There are many points along the lake that are accessible by foot. Some spots are also accessed by water.

The area is home to a variety of wildlife, including deer, rabbits, squirrels, waterfowl and more. The WMA is separated into three sections on maps, the north, south and middle. Hunting is not allowed in all areas of the WMA.

In order to determine which areas permit hunting, check with a Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency map. Some of the WMA is private property. If your path must cross private property, you need to get written permission from the owners. Hunting on private property of course requires permission as well.

Information about hunting licenses, permits and hunting seasons is available from the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA). Failure to comply with the rules and regulations can result in loss of hunting privileges, fines or even jail time.